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Myths About Escorts That People Should Forget

There are dozens of myths about escorts in Sydney and any other city in Australia that people need to seriously forget. These are misconceptions that severely affect the perception of the society towards these professionals. As a result, many people tend to degrade such profession. Thus, people should forget all about these myths, no matter they are about expensive or cheap escorts Sydney has.

Myth 1: It’s Just All About Sex

When people think about escorts, they tend to immediately associate it with sex above all else. Truth be told–being an escort does not require a girl to be a prostitute. There is actually a good number of escorts who do not allow their clients to have them on the bed.

Some escorts simply make themselves available for companionship with their clients. When a man feels alone and wants to have someone to talk to on a dinner, for example, he can hire an escort to satisfy his need.

Myth 2: Escorts Will Do Everything Their Clients Wish on the Bed

Even cheap escorts Sydney has do not simply agree to everything their clients demand on the bed. If a client has found an escort who agrees to have sex, he should ask for her permission before doing some sexual fetish. Some escorts would never agree for anal sex, for example, thus the client should respect if she declines.

To avoid such issue right before the heat, it is best if the client would ask the escort regarding such matter upon negotiation. As mentioned earlier, not all escorts could even agree for sex, thus clients should find the right one for them.

Myth 3: Escorts Commonly Carry Sexual Infections

People usually believe that escorts probably carry sexual infections that could cause health issues to clients. Truth is, only a few number of escorts have such conditions, and it is with their standards to keep themselves clear of sexual diseases. Professional escorts regularly go for clinical check-ups, and usage of condom is almost always required.

Such practices can help keep themselves clean and away from health hassles. Moreover, these can also prevent sexual infections to spread throughout the community.  Of course, if they’d be too reckless on such sensitive angle, they will definitely lose regular clients.

These are just few misconceptions that should be changed upon seeing escorts. These apply to both expensive and cheap escorts in Sydney, thus clients and people around should still respect them as human beings.

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Starting Good Conversations with the Ladies at Brisbane Stripper Bars

Brisbane stripper bars are places where men and women interact, so you will hear a lot of talking in these places. However, not all men make a good impression with the people inside. To make things work especially with the beautiful ladies, you need to have good conversational skills. Here are some tips that you can pick up:

  • For a start, you can ask questions that are not the usual stuff a stripper hears from customers. However, do not get too personal, as it might cause her to lose interest in you. By asking the right questions, you will get thoughtful answers, which will lead to interesting conversations.
  • Avoid calling her a “stripper”, unless she uses such word to describe herself first. Remember that not all strippers take pride in what they do, and some might not appreciate being reminded of it. Instead, you can call her “dancer”, which sounds more professional.
  • Be a gentleman and do not talk about sex straight off. Or, do not go to such a topic at all. While strippers put up with “sexy” talk because it is part of their job, being asked by a customer to sleep with them might turn them off.
  • Refrain from asking why she is working at Brisbane stripper bars as it might make her uncomfortable. Most importantly, avoid questions that suggest stereotypes about her job. Instead, you can touch on deeper subjects, like what her passion is, where she likes to travel, what things make her happy, etc.
  • Give good remarks about what she does outside the club. For example, if you find out that she is good at painting, then you can say that it is a talent that only a few people have. This would make her feel good about herself.
  • When it is your turn to talk about yourself, do it in an interesting way. You can talk about your passions and share how you feel about them. This would also entice her to know more about you and what you do in the outside world.
  • If sex does come up in your conversation, be a gentleman. Do not try to say that you only want to have sex with her for the night. Also, avoid bragging to be really good in bed as it might create a negative impression on her. Instead, you can be playful by saying you are terribly bad at it. This would make the conversation fun and might make her more interested in you.

Most importantly, make sure not to judge the work she is in. Instead, you should express respect for what she does to make a living. Remember that she is still a professional, so treat her as such. Remember that how you interact with her will have a huge impact on your experience no matter which Brisbane stripper bars you hang out in.

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Strip Clubbing: How to Catch a Stripper’s Attention

Wondering why a beautiful showgirl at your favourite gentlemen’s club won’t just lay her eyes on you? You’ve probably been to every bar and saw the best strippers in Brisbane, but nobody seems to notice you for once.

Maybe, you’ve been doing things wrong. Here are a few tips to finally get that gorgeous girl to notice you.

Confidence Is Key

Most strippers spend every night talking to lame uninteresting men. It becomes a tedious routine for them to have to entertain predictable perverts. Be different; walk into the club and show everyone you’re way more interesting than the sleazy regular customers.

Show Her Who’s In-Charge

Lap dancing with a gorgeous girl is great, however, don’t be that easy. Instead of letting the girl sit on your lap, have her sit beside you instead. Let her know you’re not one to play her game.  Have a little talk and show her you’re not one of the boring customers she gets to deal with every night. Playing things cool and having a bit of a cocky attitude goes a long way.

No Touching

Do keep your hands off the girl’s body unless she allows you to. The best strippers in Brisbane from top-rate strip clubs, like Eye Candy, are truly inviting and may leave you spellbound. One can easily lose oneself and do something stupid like touching a stripper. If your hands are itching to touch a certain girl you like, nothing’s wrong with asking, especially if you have the dollars to pay.

Pay for a Couple of Songs or Dances

One must remember that these showgirls are there to make money by satisfying customers’ sensual fantasies. Although it’s truly not compulsory, pull out some cash for a couple songs and a dance. One of the best ways to attract a stripper is very simple; to give what she’s there for, money.

Go to the Club on Slow Nights

If you’re after having a fantastic night with a beautiful stripper, do not go to the club when you know it’ll be jam-packed with loads of people. Although you must not doubt yourself, you will be competing with a handful of men in catching a beautiful showgirl’s attention, like bees around a honeypot.

Go on slow nights instead; avoid Fridays and weekends as the clubs are a full house for sure.

Dress to Impress

Last but definitely not the least, groom yourself before going out. Make sure you look your best and you smell nice. Girls will be girls, and looking great is going to be one of your biggest assets.


Having the best strippers in Brisbane lay their eyes on you is truly not a piece of cake. A lot of men make the mistake of doing something lame like being such a self-conceited prick. The key is to just relax, play things cool, and show her you’re not just like the typical douche she meets on the regular.

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Great Stuff in the Best Brisbane Strip Bars for a Wonderful Night

Great drinks, good food, fantastic music, and hot ladies are the surefire ingredients for an explosive night. You would love to have them all in one, thus you should go and find the best Brisbane strip bars where you can spend your night away!

Best Brisbane Strip Bars for You to Have These All

The best strip bars always have everything that could make you happy in a magnified way. These are things that you will surely gladly spend for, thus finding a fantastic strip bar, like the Candy Club, is something you should not miss.

Hot Shows by the Hottest Ladies

A strip club would not be called such if it does not feature hot, scantily clad babes in town performing. Just think of the most beautiful faces and sexiest bodies putting a show for you, especially if you will go on a special night. However, just remember to be mindful of your actions and do not touch any body parts without being permitted to do so.  Those are goddesses you are looking at, you know. You might need to put some cash out so you can gain their favours.

Overflowing Drinks and Delicious Dishes

A bar will not be a bar without the best drinks, and you would love to have few shots to heat up the night. That is why you should look for the best Brisbane strip bars for you to have a good chance of having the best drinks in your hands. Of course, it is best to have mouthwatering dishes along with your drinks as well.

Fantastic Music in a Wonderful Place

You could choose to sit on a regular table as you enjoy the show or go for a private room with a hot lady. Regardless of it, the best strip bars can easily give you the place that you need. Moreover, it is definitely accompanied by the best music that could help with setting up your mood for the night.

Have the Venue for a Hot Party

Just think of having all of the amusing things mentioned above in your own event. Yes, the best strip bars can open their place or a part of it just for your own party. You can organise your birthday or bucks party, or simply a random gathering, with you and your buddies. Of course, all stuff will be handled professionally, thus you can guarantee yourselves of a wonderful night for you and your guests.

If you want to have all of those stuff in a hot wonderful night, you should not miss to look for the best Brisbane strip bars for you to go! Enjoy the hottest babes, good drinks and dishes, magnificent environment, and the best services in a bliss.