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Starting Good Conversations with the Ladies at Brisbane Stripper Bars

Brisbane stripper bars are places where men and women interact, so you will hear a lot of talking in these places. However, not all men make a good impression with the people inside. To make things work especially with the beautiful ladies, you need to have good conversational skills. Here are some tips that you can pick up:

  • For a start, you can ask questions that are not the usual stuff a stripper hears from customers. However, do not get too personal, as it might cause her to lose interest in you. By asking the right questions, you will get thoughtful answers, which will lead to interesting conversations.
  • Avoid calling her a “stripper”, unless she uses such word to describe herself first. Remember that not all strippers take pride in what they do, and some might not appreciate being reminded of it. Instead, you can call her “dancer”, which sounds more professional.
  • Be a gentleman and do not talk about sex straight off. Or, do not go to such a topic at all. While strippers put up with “sexy” talk because it is part of their job, being asked by a customer to sleep with them might turn them off.
  • Refrain from asking why she is working at Brisbane stripper bars as it might make her uncomfortable. Most importantly, avoid questions that suggest stereotypes about her job. Instead, you can touch on deeper subjects, like what her passion is, where she likes to travel, what things make her happy, etc.
  • Give good remarks about what she does outside the club. For example, if you find out that she is good at painting, then you can say that it is a talent that only a few people have. This would make her feel good about herself.
  • When it is your turn to talk about yourself, do it in an interesting way. You can talk about your passions and share how you feel about them. This would also entice her to know more about you and what you do in the outside world.
  • If sex does come up in your conversation, be a gentleman. Do not try to say that you only want to have sex with her for the night. Also, avoid bragging to be really good in bed as it might create a negative impression on her. Instead, you can be playful by saying you are terribly bad at it. This would make the conversation fun and might make her more interested in you.

Most importantly, make sure not to judge the work she is in. Instead, you should express respect for what she does to make a living. Remember that she is still a professional, so treat her as such. Remember that how you interact with her will have a huge impact on your experience no matter which Brisbane stripper bars you hang out in.

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
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