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Strip Clubbing: How to Catch a Stripper’s Attention

Wondering why a beautiful showgirl at your favourite gentlemen’s club won’t just lay her eyes on you? You’ve probably been to every bar and saw the best strippers in Brisbane, but nobody seems to notice you for once.

Maybe, you’ve been doing things wrong. Here are a few tips to finally get that gorgeous girl to notice you.

Confidence Is Key

Most strippers spend every night talking to lame uninteresting men. It becomes a tedious routine for them to have to entertain predictable perverts. Be different; walk into the club and show everyone you’re way more interesting than the sleazy regular customers.

Show Her Who’s In-Charge

Lap dancing with a gorgeous girl is great, however, don’t be that easy. Instead of letting the girl sit on your lap, have her sit beside you instead. Let her know you’re not one to play her game.  Have a little talk and show her you’re not one of the boring customers she gets to deal with every night. Playing things cool and having a bit of a cocky attitude goes a long way.

No Touching

Do keep your hands off the girl’s body unless she allows you to. The best strippers in Brisbane from top-rate strip clubs, like Eye Candy, are truly inviting and may leave you spellbound. One can easily lose oneself and do something stupid like touching a stripper. If your hands are itching to touch a certain girl you like, nothing’s wrong with asking, especially if you have the dollars to pay.

Pay for a Couple of Songs or Dances

One must remember that these showgirls are there to make money by satisfying customers’ sensual fantasies. Although it’s truly not compulsory, pull out some cash for a couple songs and a dance. One of the best ways to attract a stripper is very simple; to give what she’s there for, money.

Go to the Club on Slow Nights

If you’re after having a fantastic night with a beautiful stripper, do not go to the club when you know it’ll be jam-packed with loads of people. Although you must not doubt yourself, you will be competing with a handful of men in catching a beautiful showgirl’s attention, like bees around a honeypot.

Go on slow nights instead; avoid Fridays and weekends as the clubs are a full house for sure.

Dress to Impress

Last but definitely not the least, groom yourself before going out. Make sure you look your best and you smell nice. Girls will be girls, and looking great is going to be one of your biggest assets.


Having the best strippers in Brisbane lay their eyes on you is truly not a piece of cake. A lot of men make the mistake of doing something lame like being such a self-conceited prick. The key is to just relax, play things cool, and show her you’re not just like the typical douche she meets on the regular.

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